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Yoga Class


Camp Yoga | Ontario | Parry Sound

Friday, September 6th - Sunday September 8th

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An adult Summer Camp where you're in choice the entire time! Design the weekend of a lifetime by being as adventurous, or zen as you please. Come solo, or as a large group.  Camp Yoga isn’t your childhood summer camp - it’s got wine and awesome cocktail classes. It's the perfect weekend yoga retreat in Ontario that includes a multitude of activities and classes taught by the best of the best local health and wellness ambassadors. Yoga, training, epic naps, pilates, empowerment class, group runs, high rope course, hiking and, did we mention, wine?


Empowerment Class 
High Ropes Course
Wine Tasting
Epic Dance Party
Muay Thai

Sup Yoga
Yoga Flows
Painting Class
Cocktail Class
Cross Fit

"Camp Yoga!!  What an experience!! I was surrounded by family, and those who became my family.  Exploring and pushing my limits with yoga, meditation, canoeing, archery, & swimming. One thing I especially enjoyed was grounding in nature, the campfire, watching the stars, then closing my eyes and letting the peace and tranquillity fill me up.  I can’t wait for what’s in store for ‘2023 Camp Yoga! "

Dana Litwin, ON

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Camp Yoga Ontario will be hosted at the beautiful, massive, Camp Manitou in Parry Sound, ON. Together we will re-connect over yoga, canoeing, fitness, camp fires, hikes and food, and when we need a break we’ll take an epic nap on the dock.

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