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From camp fires, to your most connected yoga flows, Camp Yoga is where it's at


You thought you were too old to share a bunk in the woods. You thought yoga festivals were too expensive and too far away. 

Just when you’d lost all hope, then came Camp Yoga.

Sleepover camp. Remember what it felt like? Cabins, bon fires, burnt marshmallows and scraped knees. Kids gone wild. But Camp Yoga isn’t your childhood summer camp – it’s got wine.

With activities all day, errrrryday, our goal is unite your inner camp life kid with your mature, elevated self, on home soil. Yoga, ninja training, epic naps, pilates, group runs, high rope course, hiking and, did we mention, wine?

Let us show you that community starts when you wake up: roll out of bed and share a meal at large tables with friends you haven’t met yet. Crush some power sweats to shed the unwanted. Hold hands in savasana to share your energy. Tip back some casual drinks as you sing along to live music.

Two very special things happen at Camp Yoga. Vulnerability and community. Not in the way you know it. You’ll just have to trust me, until after the weekend. Eating at the same large table as your new and old friends, as well as placing yourself in close proximity to like minded people for an entire weekend will change you. From tears and laughs, and back and forth. 

Bringing together life ambassadors from all over North America into the wildness, Camp Yoga is where you wanna be.

See you there, and when you go to leave – come give me a hug.

Chesley Long, Camp Founder

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